Hiding of statistics affected by software (false positives)

Hiding of statistics affected by software (false positives)

The objective of this workshop is not only to show the functionality differential of SMARTFENSE from its competitors, hiding software-affected statistics (false positives), but also explaining the whole context in which sending simulations is no longer such a simple and straightforward task today due to the complexity of technologies found in customer infrastructures.

In addition, provide details of the possible problems that we may encounter in the sending of phishing or ransomware spoofing traps and the importance of Whitelist configuration.

And finally, to present specific details on how to activate the functionality of hiding statistics automatically generated by software, how to adjust its parameters and how to take full advantage of the new reports.

To learn more about this workshop, we invite you to watch the recording by clicking here.link.

Fernando Testa

Cofundador de SMARTFENSE. Coordinador del equipo de soporte técnico. Ingeniero implementador para el territorio europeo, con foco en el mercado italiano. Más de 20 años de experiencia en gestión, soporte IT, ciberseguridad, educación y docencia universitaria.

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