Awareness in your company

Reduce the risk of security incidents through User Hardening, a process that hardens the human layer of the organization and generates a cybersecure culture at all levels.

Take control with a simple and flexible solution. Automate the annual awareness plan, launch simulated Phishing and Ransomware traps, and comply with regulations.


It offers a wide variety of topics to reach the entire organization with awareness campaigns.


It allows deep customization of content and operation for each company.


It stimulates user engagement through interactive activities, multimedia, and gamification.


Awareness and Assessment Tools

Designed to facilitate the management of the awareness strategy aimed at administrators and encourage end-user participation with a wide variety of engaging content.

Interactive modules


Simulation Tools

Phishing and ransomware are the most commonly used techniques by cybercriminals today. Could your organization's staff recognize fraudulent emails? Take control with a simple and flexible solution. Automate your annual awareness plan, launch simulated Phishing, Ransomware, and Smishing traps, and meet compliance requirements.


Other features

Our free resources and tools

All Guides and Whitepapers, Ransomware Simulator, Spoof Check, Email Harvester and other tools available.

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