Generate safe habits in users

SMARTFENSE is the online platform for
Cyber Security Awareness

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Strengthen the most important security layer:
the Users

Texts localized by native translators

Contents are created and periodically adapted to different languages, promoting behavior change for all users.

100% customizable

The platform offers a wide range of predefined contents that can be easily customized to align with your organization's culture.

White label

The platform provides full customization, allowing you to completely align with your organization's identity and thus promote more effective communication with users.

are lurking

Security awareness among the users of your organization is key to reducing vulnerability to potential risks.

Reduce the risk caused by the human factor and evaluate the security level of your company.

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How to achieve real and permanent behavioral change

Here are some of the features that you can find in our Platform, which will help you to efficiently manage human risk through the awareness of users.


Interactive modules, Newsletters, Videos, Video Games, Teachable Moments, Comic, Gamification, Exams, Surveys, and much more.

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Phishing, Ransomware, QR code, Smishing, and USB Drop attack simulation tools.

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All platform materials are fully customizable and can be used as a basis for generating other content or even created from scratch. We have a wide selection of predefined content, developed by cybersecurity experts and constantly updated.

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The Management Portal provides the possibility to centrally manage different entities, which are known as "managed organizations."

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Users can be assigned to groups, functional areas, hierarchical levels, and smart groups, which can be used as campaign targets.

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Interactive management reports on implemented campaigns, risk scoring of users, groups and the entire organization in general.

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The SMARTFENSE platform provides a variety of integration options with third-party vendors, from Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Google Workspace, Auth0, Slack, SAP, LMS and many more.

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All Guides and Whitepapers, Ransomware Simulator, Spoof Check, Email Harvester and other tools available.

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