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Ransomware Simulator

Would you like to know how Ransomware behaves on your device? Now you can do it thanks to this incredible Ransomware Simulation tool, completely free and secure.

Spoof Check

Can a malicious person impersonate the identity (spoofing) of someone in your organization through an email? Discover it by analyzing the SPF and DMARC settings of your domain.

Email Harvester

The more corporate email accounts you expose to the Internet, the more vulnerable it is to a Spear Phishing attack. Find out the exposure degree of your organization to this type of attack.

CEO Fraud

Find out if your email server can be used without authorization by cybercriminals to send Phishing emails to the users of your organization, thus being able to perform CEO Fraud.

DNS Twist

Discover if criminals have created domain names similar to yours that they can use to impersonate your organization. Our platform automates this service, as it is recommended to perform it periodically.

Ransomware Cost Calculator

It is a free software tool that allows, from basic input data, to know the costs that an organization would incur in the event of a Ransomware infection.

Self-diagnosis Kit on Safe Telecommuting

With a series of very simple questions, you can determine the level of exposure of your organization to possible attacks. What is more, it offers best practice recommendations along with an action plan to mitigate the risks detected.

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