Customizations for the end user view

Customizations for the end user view

The objective of this workshop is to show the flexibility and customization that SMARTFENSE has to adapt to the diverse Look & Feel of our customers’ organizations.

It shows in detail all the customizations that can be made on the dashboard of the end-user view where they can see the different awareness components such as interactive modules, videos, video games, newsletters, quizzes and surveys.

It explains how to configure the white label, the different alternatives for content presentation and how to customize the colors, all messages and feedbacks of the platform so that it adapts in the best way to the corporate image of each organization.

To learn more about this workshop, we invite you to watch the recording of the workshop here.

Fernando Testa

Cofundador de SMARTFENSE. Coordinador del equipo de soporte técnico. Ingeniero implementador para el territorio europeo, con foco en el mercado italiano. Más de 20 años de experiencia en gestión, soporte IT, ciberseguridad, educación y docencia universitaria.

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