Case studies

Learn how our customers and partners have collaborated with organizations in a variety of industries to reduce the risk associated with the human factor in cybersecurity, improving user behavior and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In an increasingly digital and dynamic world, effective risk management and regulatory compliance are crucial to business success.

Through SMARTFENSE, we have demonstrated how it is possible to achieve these goals effectively and sustainably.

Explore our case studiess and join the list of organizations that have achieved great results with our help!

Mercado Libre

How the largest e-commerce and fintech technology company in Latin America has managed to increase user awareness levels, generating in users the ability to identify and report simulations.

Banco Provincia

Discover how the bank successfully achieved compliance with Central Bank regulations by prioritizing employee education and traceability. As a result, the bank experienced exponential growth in user numbers who actively report cybersecurity incidents, leading to a significant shift in employee attitudes.


Explore how our Spanish cybersecurity partner is enhancing customer security through our highly adaptable and customizable platform. Our efforts have resulted in a remarkable decrease in cyber-attacks within a short timeframe, ensuring heightened protection for our clients.


Uncover how our Platinum partner effortlessly and cost-effectively integrates our cybersecurity awareness platform. This strategy has led to a notable rise in employee engagement and has consistently delivered successful outcomes through the implementation of long-term programs.

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