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Predefined and Customized


All the contents of the platform are fully adaptable to your needs, whether you customize them, use them as a basis for creating new content, or design them from scratch. Our cybersecurity experts constantly update the predefined contents.
In addition, none of them include the SMARTFENSE logo, which ensures that the platform is completely customized and 100% white-labeled.

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Predefined Content

The content provided by SMARTFENSE is designed to promote the development of secure habits and encourage a change in people’s behavior.

The contents are updated periodically, reflecting the changes in the reality of Information Security and the advances in the knowledge of the discipline. They are available in the following languages: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), English, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Catalan, Basque, and French.

Customized Content

SMARTFENSE allows the creation of customized content specific to each of the awareness, simulation, and assessment tools, taking as a template predefined content or creating completely new content.

For this purpose, the platform provides an integrated content editor specifically prepared to work in a simple and intuitive way. Customized content can also include personalized variables with information specific to the organization or assigned users.


SMARTFENSE allows working with multiple content catalogs. By default, the platform contains the following one:

Also, the platform allows you to hire the following ones:

Administrative user roles can be assigned based on a catalog, offering flexibility in management. For instance, an administrator can be designated to create content and send campaigns related to industrial cybersecurity. Reports, audit logs, and other platform information will display specific data to users with corresponding permissions in that catalog, in this case, industrial cybersecurity content and campaigns.

Catalogs are a concept that allows grouping awareness contents and working with them in an intuitive and organized way.

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