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User awareness in cybersecurity is crucial for mitigating risks and protecting both at an individual and organizational level. Videos are a powerful tool in this regard, as they offer a dynamic audiovisual experience that can easily capture the viewer's attention.
By presenting cybersecurity concepts and situations visually and accessibly with infographics, videos help effectively convey information and sensitize users to cyber threats and necessary protective measures.
The inclusion of questions at the end of each video provides an effective way to assess understanding of the content by users, ensuring that they have properly assimilated it and are better prepared to face cybersecurity challenges.
Every campaign that assigns videos to target users records all actions taken on the platform, from the start of video viewing to completion, culminating with the response (correct or incorrect) to the final interactive question. This data is crucial for evaluating the proper execution of training topics.
Additionally, videos can also be proactively viewed by users.

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