White Label

The platform is 100% white label: The end user never sees the SMARTFENSE branding on the graphical interface and actually believes that it is the organization’s own initiative.

This is possible through multiple customization options such as:

  • Configuration of the organization’s name, logo and colors.
  • Editing the content of all notifications.
  • Use of the corporate server for communication with the end user.

Total customization

In SMARTFENSE it is possible to customize even the smallest detail. By configuring the name of your organization, your logo and even the colors of your brand manual, the platform is completely transformed.

In addition, any communication from the platform to the end user can be adapted to the corporate image and imprint.

End users will not notice that a new tool is in the way. A SMARTFENSE message will be an official message.

This will embed the organizational culture into the awareness program, driving adoption and improving end-user engagement.

Trusted sender

SMARTFENSE allows the use of the corporate server for communication with the end user.

This means that any notification or content launched from the platform will be received by the user from a trusted source.

As a result, a higher engagement with the awareness program is obtained, as the audience will perceive the message as legitimate and relevant. In turn, the use of a corporate channel demonstrates the organization's commitment to the program and better adapts it to the corporate culture.

White Label articles in the cybersecurity blog

From the beginning, one of our distinguishing features has been our ability to be a white label platform. What does this mean? It means that the platform seen by the end-user can be modified by the awareness program manager to have your organization’s corporate colors and logo.

It shows in detail all the customizations that can be made on the dashboard of the end-user view where they can see the different awareness components such as interactive modules, videos, video games, newsletters, quizzes and surveys.

The implementation process of the awareness SMARTFENSE stands out for being clear, well-defined and simple to carry forward. 

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