Ransomware Cost Calculator

Raise awareness about the economic impact that Ransomware can cause in your organization through the indicators provided by this free tool.

Using the calculator, it is possible to prepare a report with specific metrics expressed in money, which will make communication with senior management easier and more efficient.

Take advantage of the cost impact of a Ransomware attack to gain the necessary support and budget in order to address this latent risk through an awareness program, one of the most important weapons in reducing the risk of Ransomware infection.


The Ransomware Cost Calculator is a free project which was born in 2017 and has evolved through its practical application in different organizations and the contribution of different professionals in the field.


It is important to highlight that the information entered is not sent to any external server. All calculations are made within the same browser, for greater security.


The Calculator presents the results distributed in six different scenarios. Each of them includes different variables that could affect a Ransomware incident.


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