Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month


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Cybercriminals are on the prowl. Social engineering attacks are the number one threat to information security. In today’s workplace reality, where some users work in a hybrid office-home or 100% remote manner, vulnerabilities are deepening outside the boundaries of the organization. It is necessary to strengthen people’s attention and raise awareness of the dangers and their consequences.

This Kit provides free resources that will help you plan and reinforce your awareness campaigns with attractive and compelling graphic pieces. Not only will you get infographics and posters designed for your users, but also whitepapers and guides designed for your own specialization.

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Week 1, from 1 to 7

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Our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology. Virtually all our actions and information, whether personal or professional, pass through platforms connected to the Internet. We must become actors in our own security.

Phishing attacks have escalated since the global pandemic began. They now account for more than 80% of reported security incidents. Let’s think before we click on any unexpected email or chat message, link or attachment, and report suspicious cases!

Week 2, from 8 to 14

Let's fight against Phishing

Week 3, from 15 to 21

Let's deepen our knowledge

The field of cybersecurity is growing rapidly. More and more specialized professionals capable of facing and preventing new threats are required. Let’s encourage continuing education and the exploration of new careers.

Para las empresas, esto significa incorporar la seguridad en productos y procesos, así como concienciar a los usuarios. Para las personas, mantenerse alertas cuando están en línea. La ciberseguridad es responsabilidad de todos.
Week 4, from 22 to 31

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Let’s raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and ensure that all individuals and organizations have the information and tools they need to be safer online.

Let’s celebrate this month of October!

Good practices

Discover how to create awareness campaigns within your company, define what type of campaign it will be and the most appropriate sending frequency. In the following video you will find the most important aspects to take into account.

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