How to develop a user-oriented security layer

The term User Hardening has its origin in the Hardening processes that are usually applied in organizations and consist of securing an operating system, server or application, reducing its vulnerabilities or security holes.

As users are also part of the organizations’ information systems and have their own vulnerabilities – which are exploited daily by cybercriminals around the world – it is necessary that they also undergo a hardening process.

This Whitepaper demonstrates how to perform, step by step, a continuous User Hardening process.

Como los usuarios también son parte de los sistemas de información de las organizaciones y tienen sus propias vulnerabilidades – que son explotadas a diario por los ciberdelincuentes alrededor del mundo – es necesario que pasen también por un proceso de Hardening.

El presente Whitepaper demuestra cómo realizar, paso a paso, un proceso continuo de Hardening de Usuarios.


From project definition to execution and feedback. The Whitepaper presents all the necessary steps to strengthen the most important security layer.


Compliance with regulations, improvement of the image of the security area, improvement in the execution of processes... Awareness causes transversal improvements in your organization.


SMARTFENSE integrates the entire User Hardening process relieving the security manager through task automation, thematic coverage and availability of reliable logs.


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