Disarming cybercriminals: Free tools to prevent social engineering attacks

Cybercriminals have a wide variety of techniques in their arsenal to carry out their social engineering attacks. This Whitepaper compiles a series of free tools provided by SMARTFENSE to improve your organization’s lines of defense.

If you act proactively, cybercriminals will find it very difficult to achieve their goals.

From SMARTFENSE we recommend tackling Information Security through layers of protection, being awareness a key factor to reduce the risk of your users becoming victims of a Social Engineering attack.


There are many ways to implement the use of our free tools. Learn about a possible case study in our blog.


The results of free tools can reveal interesting information that could be used - or is being used - against your organization.

loading Direct Message Injection


The Whitepaper presents a series of free tools along with their fundamentals and related material to get the most out of each one.


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