Awareness and Assessment Tools

Why raise awareness?

“Most of the time, technology fails to help users make the right decision when they receive suspicious messages.”

Mitigating the Risk of Phishing When Technical Security Controls Fail – Gartner, 2019


Awareness and Assessment Tools

Designed to streamline awareness strategy management for administrators and encourage end-user engagement with a wide range of compelling content

Risk Reduction

Through proper training, users will become aware of the importance of security, both at work and at home. They will be able to recognize and prevent the cyber-attacks they face on a daily basis, adopting good practices in a natural and entertaining way.

By providing content that goes beyond the professional sphere, organizations reduce the risk of incidents caused by human error and generate a positive impact on the work environment.


More and more national, regional, or global policies, regulations, and standards require personnel awareness in Information Security.

SMARTFENSE ensures complete coverage of all topics required by external regulations as well as the most relevant best practices. In addition, it provides automatic tracking of user action logs to meet audit and compliance requirements.

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