Why do our competitors hate SMARTFENSE?

Why do our competitors hate SMARTFENSE?

For more than seven years, SMARTFENSE has focused on the specific needs of users in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Italy. This has enabled it to establish a global network of more than 120 partners, half a million users and more than 500 customers, ranging from small businesses to organizations with more than 100,000 users.

The platform has experienced a steady growth incorporating features and configurations that place it among the best in the market. The white label option, the high customization capacity, the diversity of content catalogues and the numerous integrations are just some of the reasons why SMARTFENSE is closely followed by competitors.

Listening is the key to success. We can think about the needs of our customers, create a profile of buyer persona and work on the image we have of our target audience. But one day, a user expresses a need that we hadn’t even considered, which makes us ask ourselves: are we really working for our customers or for those we think are our customers?

Goodbye SMARTFENSE, welcome personalization

From the outset, one of our distinguishing features has been our ability to be a white label platform. What does this mean? It means that the platform seen by the end-user can be modified by the awareness program manager to have your organization’s corporate colors and logo, giving the end-user the impression at all times that they are using a module specially created by your company.

How SMARTFENSE becomes a 100% white label tool:

  • The organization can configure the company name and logo within the platform.
  • The user will never see the SMARTFENSE logo on the platform interface, in assigned campaigns, or in any type of communication.
  • Campaigns and notifications can be sent from the client’s own email servers.

Continuing with the CISO’s vision

In addition to being a white label platform, SMARTFENSE offers a high degree of customization in all its configurations. This allows the end-user to be reached in a homogeneous way, thus integrating awareness into the corporate communications that are already being sent.

Different organizations in one place

The platform administrator has the possibility to manage independent instances from a single main instance. This means that you can manage the risk level of different organizations (subsidiaries, holding companies, territories, etc.) from a single place, avoiding having to switch accounts or windows, streamlining your work.

Content catalogue for all areas

As part of the commitment to streamline the work of the CISO, SMARTFENSE allows the creation of specific content catalogues for different areas of an organization. In addition to having one of the most extensive catalogues, the Information Security catalogue, it also has two specific catalogues: the Industrial Cybersecurity catalogue and the Advanced Content Catalogue.

From Argentina to all Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal

The SMARTFENSE project was born in Argentina in 2016 due to the lack of tools in Spanish aimed at the public in Latin America and Spain. Its focus was on creating content that fits the way people think and act in these regions, with native speakers and without using machine translations.

For Spanish in Spain, the contents respect the co-official languages of the different regions and allow you to choose between Galician, Basque or Catalan.

This differentiates it from its Anglo-Saxon competitors, whose content is mainly oriented towards the American way of life and uses artificial intelligence translations.

Today, SMARTFENSE has the broadest and most targeted catalogue of content available. This allows our clients to achieve very positive results in changing the behaviour of their users.

Simulations for all types of devices

SMARTFENSE offers a variety of simulation tools, adding new features with each update. For example, it is possible to perform simulations of smishing attacks (where the receiving user receives an SMS on his mobile phone) and simulations of USB Drop (where the user finds a USB device at his workplace).

Facilitating user access

SMARTFENSE has the option of synchronizing users through Microsoft Login ID, helping to secure access to cloud applications and simplifying access to all services for the tool’s users.

Hiding statistics generated by Software

How can we get reliable results in a simulation if there are interactions that have nothing to do with the behavior of our users? At SMARTFENSE we offer a complementary (and for some organizations an alternative) solution to the Whitelist process which is the Hiding software-generated statistics.This solution allows:

  • Detect interactions generated by a software tool and define a time interval to invalidate interactions after it.
  • Set filters at user agent and IP address level.

Configuration of own SMTP server

One of the distinguishing features of SMARTFENSE is the ability to set up a customer’s own email account for sending notifications, whether it be welcome emails, campaign assignments, reminders, and password resets.

Division of users according to their constraints

SMARTFENSE facilitates user loading using current technologies such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Google, simplifying integration with organizational environments. The assignment of users to groups, functional areas, hierarchical levels and smart groups is done in order to use them as targets for campaigns.

Integrations that complement the tool

SAP SuccessFactors

In terms of integration with SAP SuccessFactors, SMARTFENSE establishes one-way and transparent communication, sending audit trails specifically designed for direct use by SAP SuccessFactors, without the need for additional processing. This secure communication is carried out via an SFTP connection.


Integration with Vanta enables companies to scale security practices and automate compliance with standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA. SMARTFENSE automatically sends audit trails related to awareness actions to Vanta.


Finally, integration with BeyGoo, an OSINT and Threat Intelligence platform, enables the identification of exposed credentials that are linked to corporate email addresses. This integration allows to enrich the Risk Scoring of the SMARTFENSE platform.

Smart Groups

SMARTFENSE uses smart groups, a special type of grouping that allows users to be automatically kept up to date by one or more criteria defined by the user administrator.

This functionality is combined with the autoenrollment and relative campaign options, which allow users of the tool to automatically re-enroll in a campaign until it is completed.

The combination of all these functionalities makes it possible to create automated campaigns, for example, when new users join an organization.


The statistics don’t lie: more than 90% of cyber-attacks involve the human factor. Social engineering, phishing and user error are the most common failures. Nowadays, it is important for organizations to have solutions in place to help realize awareness programs.

You can relive the webinar in which we explain all these differentiators from the perspective of our CEO, Mauro Graziosi, and our Product Manager, Nicolás Bruna, in the following link.

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